Promotional Jazz Concert Poster


This is a close-up of the portrait component of a promotional poster for an imaginary concert featuring Emily Braden. My goal was to bring the vintage/retro feel that she portrays so well through her music into the promotional piece, combining the flavour of the 1930′s and 40′s with the youthful vibrancy of 27 year old Emily Braden and the energy of New York City. Digital illustration using Illustrator (CS4). Below is a view of the complete poster.

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Parliament Buildings – Illustrated in Type


Above is an illustration of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, BC, made entirely of a font called Big Caslon. I composed this image in Illustrator, re-sizing and rotating each letter as required to achieve the best appearance. As it is a very detailed image, I'll be setting it up to view using Google Maps, so that areas of interest can be zoomed into (please check back for the zoomable view). Below are some close-ups of some of my favourite details. This project took approximately 75 hours to complete.

The dome in the centre:

The statues above the main entrance:

The front entrance gate, columns and statues: